Breastfeeding Support at Charlotte Jean

Breastfeeding provides optimal nutrition for all newborn babies and will also help to defend them against infections, allergies and many diseases. Breastfeeding also makes a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of the breastfeeding mother.

Charlotte Jean Maternity Hospital is a BFHI (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative) accredited hospital. This means all our staff have been specifically trained to help you establish breastfeeding and provide you with the skills you may need to continue breastfeeding easily.

Charlotte Jean Maternity Hospital recognises the right of all parents to make informed choices about how they feed their newborn baby. The staff will provide consistent, evidenced based knowledge to help you make these decisions and will respect and support your choices.

The Charlotte Jean Maternity Hospital has a Breastfeeding Policy which guides the staff on how to provide the best breastfeeding support to you.

Ways in which we will help you to breastfeed successfully.

  • All of the nursing/midwifery staff have been specially trained to help and support you breastfeed your baby.
  • You will have the opportunity to hold your new baby against your skin, straight after the birth. The CJMH staff will not interfere or rush this important time, but will protect it and be there to help you with the first breastfeed.
  • The staff will explain and show you the signs to look for in your baby when they are ready to breastfeed and why it is important to respond to these signs as soon as possible.
  • During your stay at CJMH, you will have your own private room where you can keep your baby with you at all times. We recommend you do this so that you can get to know your baby and respond to their needs promptly.
  • Staff will be available to explain how to position and attach your baby to the breast so that they can feed effectively.
  • The staff will show you how to express your breastmilk by hand and will give you written information about this and how to store it safely.
  • Most babies need only breastmilk for the first six months of life. If for some reason during your stay with us, your baby needs anything other than breastmilk you will be given a full explanation, the opportunity to discuss it and you will be asked for your permission.
  • We recommend that you do not use teats, dummies (pacifiers) or nipple shields while your baby is learning to breastfeed. They can make it more difficult for your baby to learn to breastfeed and interfere with the amount of milk you make for your baby.
  • The staff will give you information about how to ensure your baby is safe for every sleep.
  • Before you leave CJMH, we will make sure you know who you can contact and how to contact them should you need any breastfeeding help or support once you are at home. We will also provide you with contact details for support groups in your own community.
“The staff were amazing and it was wonderful how consistent they were so there were no mixed messages about how to care or feed my baby. They helped immensely with my breastfeeding journey and I felt confident with my baby when I left.”
Client Satisfaction Survey, July 2016
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