Postnatal Care at the Charlotte Jean

We provide a peaceful, relaxing and homelike environment to give parents and babies the best possible start together.

Our three postnatal rooms are warm, comfortable and open onto a verandah with outdoor seating. Each room has a queen-sized bed so partners may stay and enjoy those special, early days with you and your baby. Our lounge and kitchen facilities are spacious for families to enjoy as if they were at home.

Women who have birthed at Queen Mary (Dunedin) or Southland Hospitals may transfer back to Charlotte Jean for postnatal care when we have rooms available.

Our friendly Charlotte Jean facility Registered Nurses/Midwives provide postnatal care and support for you and your baby around the clock. Your care will be individualized to suit your needs and wishes. Your LMC will leave a care plan and either visit or phone daily or as required to check baby and your progress.

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Transferring Postnatally to Charlotte Jean
Postnatal beds for women who have birthed at Queen Mary or Southland Hospitals are subject to availabiiity on the day.

Women who have had a normal vaginal birth should usually transfer (leave the hospital of birth) within 12 hours of birth to receive 2 nights at Charlotte Jean. If this is not possible due to time of birth or delays, the first night is spent at the hospital of birth.

Women who have had a caesarean usually stay 1 or 2 nights recovering at Queen Mary or Southland Hospital before enjoying 2 postnatal nights at Charlotte Jean.

We strongly encourage families to travel during daylight hours, and arrive before 5pm so that they are settled in prior to ordering dinner.

Length of Stay
Current government funding enables women and babies to have a postnatal stay in hospital for 48

“Thank you all so much for making the transition home so easy! Everyone has been so kind and supportive, giving us a confident start to our very different lifestyle! Your advice has been amazing.”
Visitors Book, December 2016
hours if they wish. If there are any clinical reasons indicating a need for you to stay longer, your LMC will organise this with Charlotte Jean staff.

Meals are provided for clients free of charge. Breakfast is continental style – cereal, fruit, yoghurt and toast. For lunch you can choose from an extensive bakery menu. The dinner meals are from local restaurants – you choose from their menus. A range of snacks are available between meals.

If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know. You are welcome to bring in any favourite foods. A fridge/freezer and microwave in the kitchen are available for your use.

Breakfast is provided free of charge to partners but lunch and dinner is their own responsibility. Partners can choose from the client menu – they can either pay cash or use eftpost/credit card directly with the restaurant. A supermarket and other food outlets are also very handy.

Telephone Calls
Local phone calls can be made to family to share your good news, but please be brief as we only have one phone line. You are free to use your own mobile phones. Arrangements can be made for toll calls – please ask the staff as payment is required.

“Impressed with the ‘homely-ness’ of the hospital – comfortable postnatal rooms and everything we needed. Thank you for providing us with such a great start to parenthood!“
Client Satisfaction Survey, June 2016
At the Charlotte Jean we don’t have any set visiting hours - you are welcome to have visitors at times that suit you as long as it doesn’t disturb other clients.

It is important to make the most of this opportunity to rest, relax and to get to know your baby. Having a lot of visitors can be very tiring. If you wish to limit visitors, please let the staff know. We encourage visitors to phone prior to visiting to ensure families can still make time for rest.

Children who visit need to be supervised by an adult. Please don’t let children run around inside or play in the driveway. We have an indoor play area in the lounge and have toys that can be taken into your room. Visitors who are unwell should stay away until they are free of symptoms for at least 48 hours pior to visiting, to ensure mums and babies are not put at risk. This includes coughs, colds, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Smoke Free Policy
Charlotte Jean has a Smoke Free Policy which means that no smoking is permitted on the premises or grounds. Illegal drugs are not allowed anywhere on hospital premises.

Smoking is a major hazard for you and your baby. If you are a smoker and would like to give up, talk to your LMC or our staff about Quit Smoking Programmes that are available.

“Such a calming, relaxing and beautiful place to stay. All the advice and wisdom you shared with us was amazing. We will be forever thankful.“
Visitors Book, January 2017
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