The Charlotte Jean Team

Our small team of friendly and approachable qualified Nurses and Midwives are all enthusiastic about helping you and your family get off to the best start with your new baby at Charlotte Jean.

The Nurses and Midwives will provide care for you and your baby around the clock. Usually they work 12 hour shifts which allows them to get to know you and your family and provide more continuity to your care. The hospital enjoys a low staff to client ratio which allows the staff to be able to provide you with a high level of quality time and care. All your care is provided in your own private bedroom which allows you to be relaxed and enjoy getting to know your new baby.

During labour and birth, the Charlotte Jean staff member will provide assistance to your Lead Maternity Carer to care for you and your partner/whanau.

Postnatal Care
After your baby is born, and your LMC has done all the essential post birth checks, the Charlotte Jean staff will provide care to you, your partner/whanau and new baby.

The Charlotte Jean Maternity Hospital postnatal service is provided in a peaceful, relaxing and home like environment. Staff can help you to learn about how to care for your newborn and support you with breastfeeding.

“For first time parents you made us feel so comfortable, welcome and confident. The help you provided and support with breastfeeding was immense. It was like a home away from home and we just feel so lucky we have such an amazing facility and midwives in our area.”
Client Satisfaction Survey, June 2018
Click here for more information about the breastfeeding support we provide.

Our experienced nurses have received additional training at Charlotte Jean to be able to provide specialised maternity care to you and your baby based on the care plan your LMC creates.

Our aim is that you leave Charlotte Jean with some confidence in your new role as a parent.

“Great support with breastfeeding. Staff taught us so much and really set us up for being able to cope at home.”
Client Satisfaction Survey, May 2018
Clinical Team Leader
Avril Robinson leads the nursing and midwifery team at Charlotte Jean. Her role is to provide clinical leadership and support to the team so that they may provide the highest standard of maternity care to you and your newborn.

Clinical Educator
Jo Guest, Registered Midwife and Lactation Consultant, is responsible for providing ongoing clinical education for the CJ team. Jo also regularly facilitates workshops for LMC midwives in our area.

“We had great support in which was a very emotional challenging time but also respected our space. Left feeling much more confident. Such lovely, kind hearted, approachable ladies.”
Client Satisfaction Survey, April 2019
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