• Latest feedback from our families

Visitors BookHere are the most recent comments that our families have written in our Visitors Book.

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful support.  The staff here at Charlotte Jean are truly Angels taking care of our needs and supporting the partner and taking care of Mama. We feel so very blessed in our experience.  The care shown to our daughter and a very beautiful first memory for her to have on board  for her journey in life.  We are heading home in a relaxed and confident happy space which makes such a difference.  Amazing service from every member of staff – much appreciated – made our first few days together so much easier.”

“Thank you so very much for making us feel so relaxed during our stay and helping us build confidence to feed and care for our wee man.  We felt an instant weight lifted off our shoulders once we arrived and are so thrilled to have the feeding sorted.  Instead of being anxious about going home, we’re now super excited and we couldn’t have done this without your  help and support.”

“Thank you once again to the dream-team at Charlotte Jean for all of your amazing advice and support as we welcome our second wee girl into the world.  I was so blessed this time to be able to birth at your wonderful facility  and this place will always hold a special place in our families hearts.  Thank you once again – keep up the amazing work that you do – we will be forever grateful.”

“When I was born last Thursday night I thought what a lovely place to arrive!  I know I haven’t got much to compare it to but I can’t imagine a better place to hang out for my couple of days. The very knowledgeable and friendly staff have made things easy for my Mum and Dad, so we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts – we know it “your job” but all of you do it so so well….  I’ll probably come back for a visit and say hi one day.  You all take care, meanwhile enjoy Alexandra, I enjoyed chilling out with you guys … time to speed away home now in my Porsche Turbo and begin my new life with Mum and Dad. Ciao for now.”

“Thank you so much for all of your caring, loving support.  We have learned so much from you in such a short time.   We leave here feeling more confident, replenished – from hugs, to useful information …  spoiled with yummy food, healed by your loving ways …  encouraged, empowered.  Our experience at Hospital in Dunedin was a difficult one – spending 2 days here  … a TREAT!  Your efforts and professional ways and knowledge will be part of our story. GRACIAS”

“It’s been amazing to spend 2 days in this sanctuary on our way home from Dunedin.   Thank you Glenda, Jo, Suzanne and Avril and all the wonderful people who make the Charlotte Jean such a treasured place!  Your advice and support has been awesome.”

“After a tough few days in Dunedin Hospital it has been absolutely amazing to spend a couple of nights at this wonderful place, where we have been able to get to know our baby together and receive such amazing support and advice.  Especially for us being first time parents.  Feel incredibly lucky to have this service available. THANK YOU!!!”

“Thank you so much for the support and help we received on our two night stay.  Absolutely amazing and blown away with the staff, facilities and service.  We have loved it!!!”

“To everyone involved – ‘Thank you’.  The service, support, help, advice, caring nature and dedication is truly amazing.  2 beautiful births here with 3 recovery stays.  An asset to Central Otago.”

“We feel utterly privileged to have given birth in this wonderful facility followed by wrapping us in so much love and support as we begin our new journey as parents.  Vanessa, Suzanne, Charlie and Jo, you are absolute ANGELS and your dedication is incredible!  We are leaving this sanctuary feeling excited and ready to begin our new chapter full of confidence which our stay has instilled in us! A million thank-yous from us again, keep up your amazing work!”

“Thank you to all of the fabulous staff at Charlotte Jean who provided us with such a positive experience, fantastic support and advice as well as a calm, peaceful environment. We are so lucky to have this amazing facility in our area! Thank you again ladies – you do a wonderful job. xx”

“Thank you so much to the fabulous staff and all your support!  We are so lucky  to have such an amazing facility so close to home.  This is our second time back here and we just love it!”

• New Breastfeeding Resource

Mama Aroha reference card


It is exciting this week to be launching our new resource – this beautiful new reference card that we are gifting to all our new parents who stay at Charlotte Jean Maternity Hospital.

Produced for us by Mama Aroha the reference card contains beautifully presented practical information about breastfeeding, and other key messages including safe sleeping.

The cards are designed to complement the Mama Aroha talk cards that we already use at Charlotte Jean Maternity Hospital. These cards are a colourful and easy to use visual guide. They can stand on the coffee table or bedside cabinet, and easily popped in your bag when going out.

Wonderful feedback already from our parents and staff.

26 July 2017

• A perfect gift for the new parent

image book "did you know"_2We have discovered this gem of a book which is was written by local Liz Maluschnig, and we have made it available for sale at the Charlotte Jean ($20).

The importance of LOVE in the Parent-Child Relationship

“In this delightful little book Liz Maluschnig and Stephanie Defregger combine their talents to show us how a loving parent-child relationship wires the child for a good future.  They explain that what we tend to know instinctively is far more important than has sometimes been acknowledged.  I hope every parent will read and absorb these pages with wonder and delight.”  Mary Grant, Founder Parents Inc.

• Free Breastfeeding App

You will find simple information and stories to help you along the way.

Information – when you want it, where you want it, as you want it


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