Birthing at the Charlotte Jean

Our birthing room is private, spacious and designed to provide a homely, relaxed atmosphere to give birth. It has been recently renovated to include a birthing pool for labouring comfort and/or water birth.

We always have a second room ready for the very occasional times when the main birth room is being used.

Labour and birth care is provided by your chosen independent LMC Midwife. Our Charlotte Jean staff are always there to provide assistance to your LMC to care for you and your partner/whanau.

We have around 70-90 babies born per year at Charlotte Jean. For some women it is not appropriate to birth at Charlotte Jean. Primary maternity hospitals provide birthing facilities for women assessed by their LMC as being at low risk for complications for labour and birth care.

On Arrival
When you are in labour and it is time to come into the Charlotte Jean, your LMC will phone us to say you are on your way. When you arrive at the Charlotte Jean you will be met by your LMC Midwife or the facility Registered Nurse/Midwife on duty.

“Environment felt very homely, easy place to focus on birth in comfortable surroundings, loved being able to walk around as long as I could.”
Client Satisfaction Survey, January 2015
There are carpark spaces just inside the gate and at the end of the driveway, or you can park on the road. Your support person can park in the driveway for a few minutes if necessary to make it easier.

We would like you and your support persons to feel at home, and to use the lounge and kitchen facilities. You are welcome to use the fridge/freezer to store any special food/treats that you would like to bring with you.

"Was impressed with the birthing room. I felt comfortable and ‘safe’ when giving birth. Great facility.”
Client Satisfaction Survey, June 2016
After your Baby is Born
After your baby is born, your LMC will stay with you for the first few hours to complete her checks. You will stay in the birth room to enjoy an unhurried period of skin to skin and first breastfeed before the staff help you to settle into your postnatal room.

“Thank you all so much for the incredible birthing and after experience – we feel extremely spoilt by you all! Amazing place and amazing staff, we are blown away by the wonderful care.”
Visitors Book, August 2016
We look forward to showing you around.
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